The story of Flint & Embers, starts with its founders, MJardin Group. Their work has helped bring cannabis to the forefront of culture, by focusing on curating quality products that elevate outdated notions about cannabis.


Powered by an integrated team of designers, cultivators and scientists, MJardin Group has spent the last decade developing state of the art cannabis facilities and premium cannabis products for industry leading licensed producers across North America.


Building off the success of their thoughtfully designed facilities, powerful partnerships and sought after cannabis products, MJardin Group dedicated time to carefully crafting a private collection of their own.


Naturally Grown

Nourished in a natural and ecologically friendly environment with organic  soil and without harsh chemicals or irradiation.

Craft Cannabis

Hang-dried and hand-trimmed to protect the trichomes
that hold the terpenes and the THC properties of the plant.

Indoor Micro-Climates

Nurtured in strain-specific microclimate conditions that are inspired by the unique environments each plant thrives in.


Rare Genetics

Developed by in-house strain hunters, dedicated to finding unique and rare genetics.


We run an in-house pheno-hunting operation to ensure the best genes are passed from generation to generation.

Potent Strains

Grown in strain-specific, small-batch grow rooms to target high THC production, while boosting flavour and aroma.

Our Focus



THC: 23–28%
Genetics: GSC x 
Conspiracy Kush
Type: Hybrid