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THC:  18 - 23 %
CBD:  < 1 % 

Profile: THC-dominant

Orion has mid-to-high levels of THC with effects that come on fast. The flavours are unique with a blend reminiscent of warm weather, filled with upbeat earthy tones and carefree citrus scents.



Whiteberry (Blueberry X White Widow)


Indica Hybrid

Available In:

Whole Bud, Pre-Rolls
Growth: Indoor
Harvest: Hand-harvested
Cure: 14 days
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene

Wood, Pepper, Orange


Our Process

Starting with carefully selected cultivars, we create custom environments designed to provide for each strain’s needs. Grown indoors without irradiation or harmful sprays, every strain is hand harvested, slow dried and cured, and then carefully trimmed and sorted to capture the best bud.

These high THC pre-rolls are crafted in Ontario from whole buds and come with a 2-way humidity pack to keep your product at optimal freshness.